Converting your “once in a lifetime” moment into a permanent memory, that is our mission.  We translate your wishes into original, personal, unique, fun, exceptional, …. experiences.


Your dream party, on the greatest day of your life, needs a flawless, cost-efficient and practical organization. We are very keen to take care of that, so that you and your beloved can focus on what really matters: you, your family & friends.

travel incentives

New challenges can take place in a setting of your preference and within the proposed budget, abroad or in Belgium.  A sportive, cultural or adventurous program, everything will be tailormade based on your wishes, your target audience and budget.


Let’s make you & your colleagues laugh, cooperate, communicate, … to build a great business atmosphere.  Whether it’s just for fun or to obtain clear objectives, the organization of a teambuilding always deserves a professional approach, an excellent preparation, a perfect guidance and a thorough aftercare.

Award shows

The celebration of talent, success and achievement, it should be amazing! Let’s make your award show upbeat, exciting and well attended!


Celebrate and enjoy together with you guests, while we take care of the full picture. From a concept with a WOW effect to a flawless organization of the entire program, essential for a lasting memory.


Professionally organized events for a special occasion, particularly for your clients and/or dealers, requiring a targeted communication. Strengthen your image and boost your marketing strategy using a creative concept.


Our extensive knowledge and experience will guide you professionally, resulting in an event with impact, creating an inspiring context and translating the right information for your audience.


We ensure the professional organization of a surprising event, an experience with a unique family atmosphere, whether or not based on a specific theme. Thus creating a memory that lasts and which strengthens intense contacts.

Inaugurations & open houses

There is no better setting than your own facilities, the best occasion to place your company & brand in the spotlight.  Taking the infrastructure into account, we ensure that you receive a tailormade, logistically perfect organization.